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About Epicor Vista for Information Services

Epicor is headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company was founded in 1972 and provides enterprise resource planning tools and business analytics software to companies in various industries. By marketing its products both directly and through its global partners, Epicor has grown substantially. Now, it specializes in business management solutions through its retail analytics software.

Epicor’s Vista for Information Services provides data to businesses in lumber, hardware, home center, mass merchandiser and automotive aftermarket retail industries. Vista for Information Services is retail analytics software that focuses on product performance, price management and analysis and key demographics. It furnishes the information necessary to stay ahead of the competition. Timely and accurate data is provided about sales and demographics, enabling the user to pinpoint issues and maximize opportunities. Vista business analytics software encompasses a wide array of channels that help grow key accounts, especially when those accounts have unexplored potential. The system provides an overview, average price by SKU, trend comparison and analysis and product type dollar sales for every account. Vista’s market intelligence helps businesses eliminate guesswork that often results in lost sales due to lack of inventory or excess stock. Vista includes point-of-sale data gathered from a wide sampling of stores across the country to provide accurate and reliable estimates of sales throughout your industry. The volume, demographic and share information gives invaluable lifestyle insights to better identify customers. Vista for Information Services uses business analytical software to provide these industry insights. This is Windows-based software that is easy to use and available for desktop or web-based versions.

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