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VikingCloudProduct Overview

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VikingCloud product overview

VikingCloud, formerly SecureTrust, provides end-to-end security and compliance solutions to businesses all around the globe. It delivers advanced ways to secure networks, maintain compliance, and complete assurance testing and assessments.

VikingCloud offers real-time access to the business’s cyber risk landscape. Moreover, the VikingCloud team partners with organizations of all sizes to ensure proactive management and address the constantly changing cyber threats and risks. The platform brings business solutions for Managed Security Testing (MST), Managed Security Services (MSS), Managed Compliance Services (MCS), Consulting and Advisory Services (CAS), and Digital Certificates (SSL).

Pros of VikingCloud

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  • Its mobile app penetration testing feature discovers iOS/Android app vulnerabilities in the code and architecture before launch.
  • It identifies and tests potentially exploitable vulnerabilities across OS, firewalls, and WiFi.

Cons of VikingCloud

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  • According to users, some parts of the platform’s documentation are unclear.

Breakdown of core features

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Vulnerability scanning

The Vulnerability Scanning feature analyzes and reports any system weaknesses subject to exploitation on a regular basis. VikingCloud gives a holistic view of assets and comprehensive insights on risk exposure. It simplifies getting the necessary insights to improve security posture. Businesses can run discovery scans to identify and map out organizational assets. Then, use the software’s centralized asset manager to organize and group resources based upon location, function, and importance. Users can track trends and report on enterprise security effectiveness across the organization, applications, and services.

Web risk monitoring

VikingCloud allows users to detect illegal online marketing and sales activity with cloud-based URL monitoring services that save time and reduce risk. Its Web Risk Monitoring ensures everything merchants market and sell is in line with local laws and regulations. Additionally, it checks compliance with card brand requirements such as MasterCard’s Business Risk Assessment and Mitigation (BRAM) and Visa’s Global Brand Protection Program — and keeps users informed as those rules change.

Managed security

The platform monitors the state and performance of applications and allows SOCs to monitor network behavior, identify anomalies, and react to issues as they arise. It offers tested endpoint security against advanced and sophisticated threats. It also includes SIEM-as-a-Service that collects log data, correlates threats, and facilitates easy-to-access storage for compliance requirements. Moreover, VikingCloud has Antivirus, Anti-Malware, and Anti-Spam capabilities that prevent, detect, and block emerging threat vectors, malicious behavior, or interceptors.

Hosted payment

VikingCloud enables businesses to conduct digital payments and avoid touching sensitive customer payment card data. It handles the secure transport of card data all the way through and keeps sensitive payment data off networks and systems. Customers can enter payment information into a secure embedded form or hosted page. The system encrypts all payment data and routes them through PCI Level 1-compliant data facilities and then to bank processors.

(Last updated on 04/21/2022 by Liz Laurente-Ticong)

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  • Managed Security
  • Managed Security Testing
  • Hosted Payments
  • Digital Certificates
  • Managed Connectivity
  • Web Risk Monitoring
  • Vulnerability Scanning


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  • Magento
  • API integrations


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