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Verizon NetworkfleetProduct Overview

Verizon Networkfleet is Fleet Management Software that utilizes web-based GPS to enable businesses to manage their fleet and mobile workforce. Verizon Networkfleet has solutions for all business sizes, from small (5 or fewer vehicles) to Enterprise and Government fleets. Automated reporting allows businesses to maintain and manage their fleets more efficiently.

Verizon Networkfleet GPS enables fleet tracking and diagnostics. Intuitive online dashboards assist in identifying working processes and those that need improvement. Dashboards allow for viewing of drive and idle time and miles driven. Fleet idling patterns can be examined to combat fuel waste. Trends can be spotted that allow businesses to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Verizon Networkfleet offers easy on-the-go access to fleet data, routing, scheduling, diagnostics, and driver behavior. It allows businesses to receive reminder alerts for vehicle maintenance, and visualize driving behaviors, so negative behaviors can be spotted and corrected. It also enables the ability to see if vehicles are moving, idling, or stopped and alerts for speeding drivers, airbag deployment, and unauthorized vehicle activity. Additionally, diagnostic trouble code alerts can be received to help maintain a working fleet.

For driver management, routes and schedules can be set, new stops added, re-routing performed, and driving performance tracked. Drivers can receive activity alerts to encourage them to practice safe and courteous driving. If assistance is needed, the closest team driver can be located. Voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions can enable drivers to reach their destination in a timely and safe manner.

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