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About Vembu VMBackup

Vembu VMBackup is a Backup and Disaster Recovery software that supports VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. VMBackup is designed to backup and replicate the virtual machines by taking the snapshots of the VM images at the host (hypervisor) level. There is no need to install any agent on each virtual machine (guest OS). Also, during incremental backups, only changed blocks will be transferred. Application-aware image backup processing ensures application consistency with logs being truncated after successful backups. The quick vm recovery helps you to instantly launch the backed up VMs on ESXi host or Hyper-V or any other hypervisor. VMBackup provides option of sending the backup data to an off-site data center or Vembu Cloud for data redundancy and disaster recovery.

Many medium and large companies are moving their business critical servers to VMware vSphere environments to get the benefits of minimal downtime, better resource distribution, easier manageability and cost savings. Also, small and medium businesses are using Microsoft Hyper-V servers in their data center as setting up a Hyper-V server and creating virtual machines are really easy and simple task for IT admins. But creating a backup policy for the Hyper-V VMs is not a simple process. Although, Hyper-V and VMware itself has a snapshot functionality, it is not an option for backup. Also, the backup softwares available for Hyper-V backup are not performing well due to the lack of comprehensive backup APIs from Microsoft. Vembu has developed it’s own proprietary driver to backup the Hyper-V VMs in an efficient manner especially with up to 5X improvement in performance over other backup softwares.

Business continuity should not be disrupted during a disaster. So Vembu VMBackup offers a solution which should limit the downtime to minutes and also you can have a replica of your Data Center from where you can launch and run critical applications instantly during disaster. User can instantly launch the backed up virtual machines on VMware ESXi host, Hyper-V and KVM environment. In the case of Windows based backup servers, VMs can be recovered instantly with Hyper-V. For Linux based backup servers, instant boot is done with the help of KVM.

During disaster in production environment, the replicated VMs will automatically get started on DR Host. Vembu VMBackup will maintain a temporary state for failover VM’s to keep the changes after starting the replica VMs. Also, you can either failover a Replica VM temporarily or permanently. VMBackup allows you to automatically map your production host network and IP address with the DR host network to avoid manual work while you are in midst of a disaster. You can later failback the failover VM to the production host from the DR host. Also, you can either failback to an entirely new host/location or the same host.

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