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About UserEngage

UserEngage is a marketing automation system for increasing conversions at each step of the funnel. It connects the functions of a live chat, mailing service, user tracking, CRM, and marketing automation tools.  

UserEngage’s user tracking gathers information about every click and page view for each website visitor and combines that with personal data from social media accounts. You can also add custom attributes to your data. Based on the aggregated data, you can create automation mechanisms via a drag and drop editor. With the CRM connected to marketing automation, your warm leads will go straight to sales teams–streamlining the sales process.

The email marketing service gives you the ability to send bulk cold emails, automate sending campaigns, and trigger behavior messages with full tracking capabilities. Live chat lets you communicate with your visitors on the website, answer their queries, and automatically engage them with proactive messages based on their behavior. Having all those tools in one place allows you to gather information from many sources and use it for automation. The software takes less than 5 minutes to implement and requires no advanced marketing nor technical expertise.

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