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About TotalMD

TotalMD, founded in Arizona in 2004 by two longtime industry leaders, is an electronic health record (EHR) software vendor that has a modular design that allows a provider to select the level of services required for his or her practice. From the top-of-the-line TotalMD Bundle that includes all product options at one price, to the basics provided by the extremely low-priced TotalMD Essentials, all TotalMD software is fully customizable and extremely intuitive.

TotalMD is dedicated to providing medical offices with the best EHR experience possible. TotalMD’s support team will assist with implementation, customization, and is available for both support and training by phone or in person. The TotalMD EHR is appropriate for any size of medical practice, but is suggested for smaller to mid-sized practices that are looking for a complete EHR, and can be installed either via the cloud or on-premise. TotalMD even has a monthly-billed cloud-based version for any practice that prefers the responsiveness of online software and would like to avoid the headache of maintaining backups and hardware security. All versions of the EHR are fully HIPAA, ICD-10, and ANSI 5010 compliant, so there is no need to worry whether or not a claim will be paid or if new software will have to be purchased in order to avoid penalties.

Prior to switching to TotalMD, a provider’s biggest complaint with the office’s previous system was the complex user interface and general design of the software. Employees would have to navigate numerous screens in multiple windows in order to find the information needed. So when looking for a replacement program, an intuitive, simple program designed for ease of use was most important consideration. After several demos of multiple programs, the practice selected TotalMD. Not only was the program simple, intuitive, and easy to use, but the user interface was clean and made information far easier to find. Frustration decreased, patient satisfaction increased, and the profitability of the practice rose as a result.

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