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About Therabill

Therabill is a billing and simple practice management platform that was founded in 2005 by a wife and husband who were frustrated with the overly complicated nature of current insurance billing software.  They decided to build their own insurance billing software that was simple, and easy to use by therapists and their practices.  As the platform grew, they began to add functionality that expanded Therabill into a more robust practice management platform.

The current version of Therabill includes features that go far beyond just insurance billing.  Therapists will find that Therabill provides practice management options including scheduling, documentation, reporting, invoicing, credit card support, and of course, billing.  With Therabill, offices are able to submit HIPAA compliant claims electronically, reducing paper filing and errors.  This electronic filing feature does not require a clearinghouse account, and it connects to multiple clearinghouses in order to maximize the number of insurance providers available.  Sessions can be scheduled and edited with Therabill’s scheduling feature.  The scheduler handles multiple doctors, recurring appointments, and can schedule non-session related events.  In addition, the scheduler integrages with Google Calendar, allowing events and appointments scheduled through Therabill to show up in a doctor’s Google Calendar.  And to reduce errors and missed appointments, the scheduling feature can send out automatic text and email reminders.  The scheduling feature is easy-to-use, with drag and drop capability and simple ways to sort through appointments.

Therabill offers a notes feature, allowing doctors to document sessions and information in real-time.  This notes feature integrates with the scheduler so that all session information is concentrated into one area within the system.  And when sessions are entered into the system, they immediately become available for billing, reducing the steps necessary to go from appointment to invoice.  All documents and bills can be branded with practice logos, and notes can be signed to maintain the security and integrity of specific documents.

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