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About Targit Decision Suite

Decision Suite is the primary business intelligence (BI) suite from Targit. Founded in 1986, Targit is a Danish company, and has been creating business intelligence solutions since 1996. Besides their main office in Hjørring, they also maintain U.S. offices in Tampa Bay and Boston.

Decision Suite is the current business intelligence solution that is offered by Targit. Decision Suite provides a host of different functions for BI that are all integrated into one solution. With Decision Suite’s data discovery tool, Xbone, businesses can pull data from internal and external sources. All of this data can be queried and analyzed based on custom factors and parameters. Xbone supports data discovery for experts and beginners, and does not require a working knowledge of SQL or traditional extract-transform-load (ETL) processes in order to use the software. With Xbone, datasets can easily be dragged-and-dropped into the in-memory database. Datasets can then be instantly transformed into reports and viewed on dashboards, so that more informed decisions can be made. Reports and findings can be shared across teams and organizations with Decision Suite’s storyboard feature. This collaboration tool allows users to add analytics and visualizations to shared dashboards that can be viewed by multiple users. Dashboards and the full features of Decision Suite are available on mobile devices as well. Instant alerts can be assigned to specific reports and datasets, allowing users to gain instant insight and notifications based on changes in the data.

With Decision Suite’s Intelligent Agents, variations in data can be tracked and anything falling outside of the user-assigned parameters will create an alert for the user. And while Intelligent Agents notify users when data falls outside given parameters, Decision Suite’s predictive analytics feature uses patterns from historical data to predict future changes in performance. Decision Suite integrates with CRMs, SQL Server, and Excel to give users more options and control over how they analyze and utilize their data discoveries. Targit’s Decision Suite provides a host of different analytic and reporting features for a greater range of organizational decision making.

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