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About Tableau

Tableau Software’s mission statement simply states “to help people see and understand data.” The company understands that the best way to succeed is to make sense of our growing access to data. The Tableau Software family of data visualization tools makes analysis easier so that you are better equipped to solve problems. The multi-million dollar company was founded in Stanford University and is now headquartered in Seattle, WA.

This business intelligence (BI) software has no wizards or extraneous scripts. It works fast. Simply drag and drop data to see a visual representation. This easy solution is ten to 100 times faster than any existing solution on the market. Anyone can learn it, but Excel users will especially love this business analytics software. Businesses from every industry use it to analyze marketing decisions and understand trends. Tableau Software’s business intelligence platform will let you work with millions of rows of data and get responses in real-time. You can analyze one set of data, add another and layer it with as many as you like. Combining data sets lets you study things like penetration rates in just seconds. You can add documents and images to better tell the story, then publish your dashboards on the internet and view them on the laptop or tablet. The business intelligence software also lets you connect to other databases, files and spreadsheets without any preliminary work, advance set-up or programming so you can start analyzing it immediately. This access to data is always live and up to date. All information is visually represented and elegantly designed. It uses color schemas and worldwide mapping to tell the story.

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