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Customer Service / Call Centers, Sales
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About SuMo Motivate

SuMo Motivate is a web-based gamification platform developed by CloudApps to work as a motivation engine for customer, employee, and partner engagement. As an add-on product for Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) software, it cannot be implemented as a standalone solution, but serves as an additional tool in managing customer and client relations. 

SuMo Motivate combines game mechanics with behavioral science to help motivate employees, customers, and partners to do, share, and learn more. Sales, marketing, and customer service operations use SuMo Motivate to drive teams to excel through improved CRM adoption, higher quality data inputs, and increased insight into individual performance.

As a modular platform, companies can adopt as few or as many modules as desired, enabling custom solutions and pricing options. SuMo’s baseline module helps managers create a CRM performance baseline from which they can measure improvement and other metrics. SuMo’s pulse module combines behavioral science services and marketing collateral to tease out business pains and key performance indicators (KPIs). The SuMo communities module extends the program’s application past internal employees and customers to engage external members of the Salesforce platform. The SuMo TV module shares scores and updates in real-time, with team members across the platform. 

SuMo Motivate provides sales leaders with guided selling and targeted sales coaching tools. Automatic deal predictions based on behavior insight combine actual sales data with predictive analytics for team forecasts. Team analytics let leaders identify and replicate the behaviors of top performers to improve tactics across the sales cycle. 

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