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About StatCounter

Founded by CEO Aodhan Cullen, StatCounter is a counter service company based in Dublin. Frustrated with slow loading times, poor data and boom-and-bust service providers, Aodhan set out to build a better web tracker. With 5-star reviews from the pros at Tucows and Internet Magazine, it seems he succeeded. Providing service since 1999, StatCounter has experience and longevity on their side. Their mission is to track and monitor website activity to help clients better understand the visitors to their sites so they can improve their business. Currently, about 2.5% of all websites use Stat Counter, and the company has over 2 million customers.

StatCounter’s hit counter measures real human activity as it happens to give you the most relevant feedback. It provides log-time, tracking all visitors to your site, whether first-time or returning. The magnify option lets you get a detailed overview of individual visitors, allowing you to target customers with customized content. Track where visitors come from and what parts of your website they visit most often to optimize their experience. This web tracker allows you to view key information: what pages do visitors arrive at first? What pages do they view last? Which keywords and search engines drive the most traffic to your site? You can inspect the paths that lead visitors to your website and direct traffic accordingly. StatCounter also allows you to manage multiple sites using only one account. Accessible online or via email, the data is represented in concise, user-friendly visual charts. Easy to install, it adds only a few lines of minimal code to your website, and visibility is at your discretion. StatCounter’s hit counter tools can better inform the design, effectiveness and, ultimately, the profitability of your site.

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