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Advertising / Media / Publishing, Architecture / Engineering / Construction, Banking / Accounting / Financial, Education and Training, Government / Public Administration, Healthcare, Legal, Manufacturing, Retail and Wholesale, Sales, Software / Web Development
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Any Sized Businesses

About SpringCM

SpringCM is a cloud-based business service platform that specializes in out-of-the-box document and contract management solutions. Spring CM manages document and contract workflows with automated processes that are tailored to individual businesses.

Users can keep files and documents organized and in sync from any device. Documents are managed in a central repository, and folder trees map organizational details for users. Secure FTP is available for large batches of documents. Team members collaborate on contracts and documents in the SpringCM software, eliminating email attachments and utilizing monitored user permissions and expirations. Searching and reporting are aided by use of customized tags and attributes, and full-text search streamlines document search capabilities. 

Spring CM features include version control, which automatically ensures team members are working on latest iteration of a document, and tracking history, which catalogs earlier versions of documents. Alerts and notifications allows users to communicate and collaborate from any device, without opening specific documents. SpringCM’s Track It for Deal Visibilty provides dashboard overviews that contribute to analysis, tracking, and reporting. Administrators have control over permission levels and expiration dates for contract management. Spring CM mobile access allows user to find most recently viewed files, share PDFs or original documents, and use full-text search capability across the entire cloud repository. Spring CM provides a secure mobile application, PIN protection and local encryption.

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