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About SpringCharts EHR

Spring Medical Systems offers a set of technology solutions for healthcare providers called SpringCharts. Founded by both professionals in the technology industry as well as physicians, Spring Medical Systems is dedicated to providing superior solutions for electronic health records (EHR), electronic prescribing, analytics, and practice management. With these solutions, small to medium-sized medical practices can both improve their overall patient care and increase the level of productivity in their office.

SpringCharts EHR is an electronic health record software solution that is known for its ease of use and customizable workflow. It incorporates an intuitive interface, requiring little training for users. This system can be used for a wide range of specialties, and is a proven solution for meeting Meaningful Use objective criteria. SpringCharts EHR is also affordable, and maintains key standards and certifications for the healthcare industry. It offers a variety of features, including e-Prescribing, patient charting, and workflow management. Other features include clinical tools, data management, billing support, messaging, and reports.

Dr. Richard Ganz, a physician practicing internal medicine in California, is one of many successful users of SpringCharts EHR system. Dr. Ganz uses this system for more effective communication within his practice, utilizing the inter-office messaging tools to easily obtain forms and pass along requests for patient charts. SpringCharts EHR also allows Dr. Ganz to prescribe medications more quickly and to chart notes during patient exams either by typing or using voice dictation technology.

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