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About Solver BI360

Solver provides business intelligence solutions that utilize Microsoft platforms. Solver’s cloud and on-premise solutions go beyond the typical reporting and dashboards of business intelligence software to include collaboration and planning tools.

BI360 by solver is a business intelligence solution with five modules: Collaboration, Reporting, Planning (Budgeting), Dashboards, and Data Warehouse. The Reporting module comes with templates for financial reporting from Excel that integrates with and can run on Microsoft Dynamics among other ERPs. The Budgeting module aids with planning and forecasting, and can share that vision with the whole organization via the Collaboration module. The Collaboration module connects members in your organization to one another, encouraging dialogue and cooperation. With a web portal, the Dashboards module allows convenient access to easy to design dashboards based on metrics from your ERP or other data sources likeĀ a spreadsheet. The Data Warehouse module uses Microsoft’s SQL Server platform to store all your key data in one place.

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