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SmokeballProduct Overview

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Smokeball product overview

Smokeball is cloud-based legal practice management software that automatically records time and activity for lawyers. Whether the practice bills hourly, fixed fee, or on contingency, the platform provides insights to run a more successful law firm. It also delivers full billing capability, a document automation library with numerous legal forms, shared calendars, and practice-area-specific matter types. Small law firms rely on Smokeball to increase productivity, stay more organized, and drive law firm profitability.

Smokeball lets lawyers know where they make and lose money on their matters to optimize their practices. The software turbo-charges the small law firm’s productivity by creating a centralized location to store all documents, emails, and client information. With a solution tailored to the practice’s specific needs, it empowers firms to manage emails and documents, create documents in a snap through automation, and file documents digitally in the cloud so the staff can work together from anywhere.

Pros of Smokeball

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  • The software tracks every minute spent in the system, from reading and responding to emails to drafting documents and communicating with clients. It transfers those details automatically into invoicing for every single matter. It eliminates spending nights or weekends trying to recount client work and ensures documenting items on invoices.
  • With Smokeball, lawyers can visualize their firm’s health with one click. Its Firm Insights provide the business intelligence to proactively grow the business. The platform’s law firm profitability reporting shows which matters drive high ROI to guide the small law firm’s path to increased profitability and efficiency.

Cons of Smokeball

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  • Some users reported encountering issues with Smokeball’s billing features.

Breakdown of core features

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Tasks and workflows

Smokeball compartmentalizes to-do lists for every matter. Users can Assign Tasks to themselves or other staff members. The software also allows users to include reminders and documents directly from the file and then transfer the document or email to others directly on the Task.

With the Workflows feature, sets of Tasks are available to apply across the practice. If the team has standard processes for intake, filings, and closings, Smokeball’s Workflows hands the correct Task and documents to the correct person at the right time. Users can set Tasks against each other within the Workflows so that they appear only upon completion of prescriptive Tasks.

Document automation and assembly

The platform cuts hundreds of hours a year out of the firm’s workflow by automating public and firm-specific documents. Smokeball houses a library of over 20,000 public documents and will assist in automating the firm’s proprietary documents. Users won’t have to re-type information with template documents. Teams can automate and share the documents for document quality to be consistent no matter who prepares it. Moreover, the software brings security and peace of mind with unlimited cloud backup storage.

Secure client portal

Smokeball Communicate is the platform’s client portal with user-friendly conversational style messaging and secure file sharing. It offers various law firm client portal features, including two-factor authentication with full data encryption. When firms need to send wire instructions or a packet of sensitive information and know email isn’t the safest option, Communicate gives the ability to send secure information and not lose a billable minute.

Mobile app

The software’s mobile app for iPhone and Android lets lawyers bring their practice anywhere. It puts features such as legal calendar and legal file management in the user’s pocket everywhere they go. Shared calendars are accessible on the app, allowing lawyers to know what’s going on with all staff.

Additionally, the Smokeball mobile app maintains access to the entire practice with every matter, like emails, documents, tasks, memos, and contacts. There’s also no need to upload or download each file to every matter because the system automatically does it.

(Last updated on 07/18/2022 by Liz Laurente-Ticong)

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  • Automatic Lawyer Time Tracking
  • Legal Document Automation and Management
  • Communicate Client Portal
  • Legal Tasks and Workflows
  • E-Filing and Electronic Signatures
  • Mobile App for Lawyers
  • Automated Legal Forms Library
  • Legal Case Management
  • Email Management
  • Legal Calendaring
  • Law Firm Insights
  • Leads Management
  • Legal Time and Billing


  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Word
  • Zoom
  • Quickbooks Online
  • LawPay
  • InfoTrack
  • RingCentral
  • Lawmatics
  • Family Law Software
  • Campaign Monitor

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