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SitecoreProduct Overview

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Sitecore product overview

Sitecore is a SaaS-enabled, composable platform that empowers brands to facilitate quality customer interactions with end-to-end digital experience software. From content to commerce, the full suite of product solutions lets businesses create unforgettable connections with their customers. Sitecore allows companies to unify assets, teams, and processes across the entire content lifecycle and enjoy transparent workflows at all touchpoints.

The platform combines content planning, production, collaboration, and management with a single, integrated solution. Brands can edit, manage, store, and deliver cross-channel content without a hitch at lightning-fast speeds. Sitecore enables organizations to choose from managed cloud, self-managed cloud, or on-premises deployment options.

Pros of Sitecore

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  • With Sitecore, content teams can transmit relevant digital content to any channel at scale. Users can create one set of content and share it between thousands of domains and microsites, for a consistent experience across the board.
  • The software lets brands launch websites, intranets, portals, and landing pages from a single, centrally managed platform with a user-friendly interface.

Cons of Sitecore

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  • Users may need the help of coding and development professionals to be able to fully utilize the software.

Breakdown of core features

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Content marketing

Brands can get ahead of the curve and be confident that content is always ready for all channels, audiences, campaigns, and regions. Sitecore maximizes the business value of better content by expanding production speed, scale, and quality. It allows teams to proactively identify gaps in availability, then prioritize content production. Additionally, users can build and track strategy visually by defining target audiences and plotting content publication on the strategy board with customizable dual-pivot views.

Marketing resource management

Sitecore Marketing Resource Management (MRM) organizes campaigns and content production. Teams can use a pre-existing project template or build projects from scratch with chained and parallel activities, briefings, and deliverables. Sitecore provides review and approval tools, enabling teams to stay on top of their project status and know which creative version they are working on. The platform’s stage-gate workflows help project managers drive greater efficiency.

Product content management

The software centralizes and automates the management and maintenance of product data that feeds e-commerce websites, print catalogs, and ERP systems. Sitecore presents a complete view of product asset usage. Businesses can see, review, or download product content to collaborate with partners or agencies. Users can publish content to different channels, including social media, CRMs, third-party aggregators, and retail partner platforms.

Content publisher

Sitecore streamlines graphics and collateral production from anywhere — for print or digital distribution — while enforcing brand guidelines and other compliance requirements. It has professional editing features that give fine-grained control over all design elements, advanced typography, and smart templates. Users can define which elements are editable and which ones aren’t. This feature also comes with document intelligence that sets parameters such as brand identity guidelines and regulatory requirements.

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  • Digital asset management
  • Content marketing
  • Collaboration
  • Marketing resource management
  • Product content management
  • Customizable templates
  • Content Publisher
  • Predefined content models
  • Content strategy board
  • Workflow management
  • Visual calendar
  • Project management
  • In-page editor
  • Forms


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