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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About ServiceTick SessionCam

ServiceTick Limited is a technology developer that focuses on producing innovations around website heatmaps. One of their newest innovations is the SessionCam. This website heatmap application helps companies and firms discover opportunities ┬áby tracking customer’s behavior on websites and mobile applications. This newest ServiceTick web analytics platform features customer session replay, form analytics, heatmaps generation, funnels and field drop-offs which can be viewed using an Android device or an iOS device.

With ServiceTick Website Heatmaps, you can view reliable recordings of relevant page visits. You can observe mouse clicks, scrolling movements and diverse Ajax contents, too. These functions give a picture of how your website’s guests behave on your page. Take an instant assessment of how effective and how user-friendly your website design is for visitors new and old. You can also create aggregations that provide an analysis of conversion funnels. With ServiceTick’s website traffic analytics conversion funnels, all the processes of conversion operations are optimized at minimal cost. Website heatmaps help you to create the right customer support team, too. Provide strong and effective customer service that immediately addresses problems met by visitors in your site. All these features can help business clients better understand their web presence. With all of this new information, customers build effective strategies that turn site visitors into buyers.

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