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ServiceChannelProduct Overview

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ServiceChannel product overview

ServiceChannel provides facilities managers with a single platform to source, procure, manage, and pay for repair and maintenance services from commercial contractors across their enterprise. By delivering unprecedented transparency and data-driven analytics of service quality, across all trades, locations, and contractors, facilities managers drive significant brand equity and ROI for their organizations without outsourcing or investing in new infrastructure.

ServiceChannel Service Automation is an integrated suite of web and mobile-based solutions to help manage the entire process of facilities management, including finding contractors and suppliers, entering all planned and demand service requests, tracking work orders, and processing payments.

Well known global brands including Louis Vuitton, Bloomin Brands, CVS Health, and Trader Joes use ServiceChannel daily to conduct business with countless contractors at various locations in different countries. These customers use ServiceChannel solutions to help optimize millions of transactions and billions of dollars of facilities management spend annually.

Pros of ServiceChannel

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  • ServiceChannel provides a single, user-friendly, and customizable platform to manage everything from work order creation to invoice approval.
  • The solution lets users view and manage requests and get updates about repair requests. Users can have multiple vendors for each category to get the best rates and quicker service. ServiceChannel lets facilities managers set up a preferred vendor and offers options for reports and analytics.
  • ServiceChannel is constantly evolving and increasing capabilities. The platform provides additional modules that businesses could grow into.
  • The software allows managers or owners to create and adjust as needed. It can handle a work order’s needs throughout its entire lifespan while managing different work flows necessary for each work order between creation and close out.

Cons of ServiceChannel

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  • Implementation process of ServiceChannel can be lengthy and creating the issues list can be confusing if users don’t have a good starting point. Implementation managers help guide businesses through the setting up process.
  • ServiceChannel’s Provider Management module has limited capabilities, such as the lack of ability to specify locations with different frequencies and schedules.
  • Some developments for ServiceChannel are specific to U.S. users. However, the support team is ready to tweak, edit, and rebuild some components of the solution to suit business needs.
  • Getting all end users to begin working with the ServiceChannel system can be challenging.

Breakdown of core features

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ServiceChannel provides features for maintenance management, asset tracking, facility management, and fixed asset management.

Work order (WO) management for multi-site organizations

Locations, assets, trades, providers, and on-site staff can add numerous moving parts that need to be managed, regardless of the distance. ServiceChannel’s automated workflows make it possible to manage everything without sacrificing flexibility or control.

ServiceChannel WO Manager allows users to see every detail and get condition-based rules for workflows, clearly defined checkpoints for spend and compliance, and visibility for everyone on the team. Users can identify hotspots with a map-based view of all issues and submit service requests from anywhere with the mobile app, so everything runs smoothly at all locations.

Asset and energy management

ServiceChannel Asset Manager enables users to see what’s happening with every asset in real-time, so operating and capital spend can be planned to the penny and painful government fines can be avoided.

The platform automates the capture of required information when installing, servicing, and replacing capital assets. It also manages preventative maintenance plans, work orders, and billing with the ServiceChannel mobile app. Users can avoid excessive maintenance spend — all while increasing asset uptime and improving the customer experience. ServiceChannel’s mobile app creates a common view for staff and outside maintenance providers, ensuring that everyone is operating off of the same playbook, and working towards the same goals.

Provider management

ServiceChannel offers complete visibility, control, less risk, and richer insight for accountability to high performance standards. Users can manage both internal technicians and providers from one platform.

ServiceChannel Field Tech Manager increases operational transparency while managing both internal staff and external contractors from the same system. Facilities managers can manage all R&M work performed by internal staff within Service Automation, as they do with third party provider work. This integrated field service management module allows companies to mange their own technicians and technicians to interact with and track time against work orders while on the field.

ServiceChannel Site Access streamlines the on-site interactions between technicians and location staff. It enables users to define workflows to ensure locations are accessed only by authorized technicians, enforce check-in policies based on geo-location and timing, and minimize distractions for location staff to keep them focused on the customer. ServiceChannel Site Access can be rolled out selectively based on geography, trade, or provider, allowing for flexible deployment based on different business requirements.

Site management

ServiceChannel streamlines all processes across multiple locations — preventative maintenance, site audits, capital upgrade projects, even daily supplies. It’s easy for teams to see everything in one place and capital expenses to stay on target.

By centralizing the planning, bidding, and tracking of complex work plans, ServiceChannel Projects helps businesses manage and execute capital projects more efficiently at lower costs. Users can identify potential improvement projects, scope tasks, request competitive quotes, collect approvals, track budgets, and then analyze results. The Projects module connects strategic capital planning processes to tactical work order execution, providing complete visibility and control from budget to spend.

ServiceChannel Site Planning Manager simplifies standardizing the capture of the condition of facilities, assets, and merchandise. Site Planning Manager also allows users to customize routine audits to ensure the safety of customers and staff. Users can define every site element in central checklists to track with audits, providing constant control.

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  • Work Order Management
  • Service Automation
  • Asset and Energy Management
  • Site Management
  • Planned Maintenance and Site Audit
  • Provider/Contractor Management
  • Financial and Payment Manager
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Spend Optimization
  • Provider Optimization
  • Staffing and Outsourcing
  • Compliance
  • Sustainability
  • Implementation
  • Professional Training and Support
  • Online and Phone based Service Requests
  • Mobile Access


  • Salesforce
  • SAP Finance
  • TradeShift
  • Visual Lease
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Navman Wireless
  • NetSuite
  • ORACLE PeopleSoft
  • Reflexis Systems
  • Ariba
  • Aseta International
  • Data-Basics
  • Intelligent Data Systems (IDS)
  • Infor

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