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SAS Risk ManagementProduct Overview

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SAS Risk Management product overview

SAS Risk Management is a web-based solution that enables users to collect, manage, and store model and model risk information that provides enterprise-grade oversight throughout the model life cycle. The SAS Model Risk Management helps users capture and manage information that can be used for model inventory management, model validation, on going monitoring/maintenance, change management, and model usage documentation.

SAS offers a variety of solutions under Risk Management to meet customer needs including Capital Planning & Management, Risk Engine, Model Implementation Platform, Model Risk Management, Regulatory Risk Management, Risk Modeling Workbench, and Credit Assessment Manager.

However an organization or business prioritizes risk, SAS is equipped with proven methodologies and practices to establish a risk-aware culture, optimize capital and liquidity, and stay in compliance with regulatory demands. SAS’s goal is to place on-demand, high performance risk analytics into the toolbox of risk professionals to promote efficiency and transparency. It also helps in establishing a balance between short and long-term strategies.

Breakdown of core features

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Centralized model management

Users can establish a centralized model inventory that supports internal policies and procedures across all business units. The platform boasts a strong infrastructure that includes permissions, version control, and data mining capability. It allows for the importation of attributes and metadata such as model limitation scoring validation results and criticality ratings from any type of model developed in any technology.

Document and track models throughout cycle

SAS Risk Management enables users to track any model issues, concerns, challenges, and remediation through a comprehensive model review and validation process that will meet regulatory principles and expectations. It uses a single source of model documentation that regularly records the review and validation process, all of which can be examined at multiple levels including model lineage, version, business line, model owner, and more.

Insight into model risk

The platform enables users to gain greater insight by analyzing thousands of data points using both quantitative and qualitative data to assess model risk concentrations. It provides users with interactive visualizations that show the model risk story clearly to broaden institutional awareness and facilitate appropriate board-level oversight while at the same time allowing users to drill deeper into reports to learn more.

Policies and regulations

SAS Risk Management ensures model reviews and validation practices are in line with the constantly changing risk policies and regulatory requirements. It provides governance tools that help enforce appropriate signoffs, legal reviews, and testing on a consolidated platform.

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