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About SAS Risk Management

SAS Risk Management solution allows organizations to get clear, enterprise-level oversight throughout the model life cycle. It lets executive management and regulators to remain up-to-date on model status across all risk categories and gain valuable insight for making precise risk-reward decisions. SAS offers a complete model risk management solution that includes a centralized model inventory and model assessment capabilities.

SAS Risk Management allows for the establishment of a centralized model inventory that supports internal policies and procedures across all business units. The solution includes permissions, version control, and data mining capabilities. Users can import attributes and metadata – e.g., model limitation scoring, validation results, criticality ratings, etc. – from any type of model developed in any technology.

SAS Risk Management allows users to track model issues, concerns, challenges and remediation with a rigorous model review and validation process that satisfies regulatory principles and expectations. A single source of model documentation consistently records the review and validation process, which can be can be examined at various levels, including model lineage, version, business line, model owner and more.

SAS Risk Management users may also analyze thousands of data points – using both quantitative and qualitative data – to gain greater insight into the organization’s model risk concentrations. Interactive visualizations show the model risk story to facilitate appropriate board-level oversight. And users can interact with the reporting feature to learn more. Model review and validation practices allow users to stay on top of risk policies and regulatory requirements. Governance tools help enforce appropriate signoffs, legal reviews, and testing on a consolidated platform.
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