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The SAP HANA Cloud Platform, from SAP AG, enables your department or small-to-medium organization to develop business applications in the cloud both quickly and easily. A market leader in enterprise software applications, SAP is at the center of today’s business and technology revolution. SAP products help you streamline processes, giving you the agility to create new growth opportunities for your business using one of the world’s most innovative platforms. Over a quarter million customers worldwide trust SAP products for their efficiency and efficacy. 

User-based packages in the SAP HANA Cloud Platform are designed to:

  • Build and scale simple, personalized, and responsive user experiences across every device while minimizing costly design rework and accelerating application development
  • Create, deploy, and manage enterprise-grade native and hybrid mobile applications with rich capabilities such as multiple authentication methods, secure access to on-premises and cloud-based systems, and offline synchronization
  • Increase team productivity by building social collaboration capabilities into your applications  — bringing people, applications, and information together
  • Integrate cloud applications seamlessly and securely to improve business agility and prevent the development of application or data silos

Danone, fueled by a desire to create delicious and nutritious food, wants to remove barriers that separate them from their customers. With SAP HANA Cloud Platform technologies, Danone can create scalable web and mobile applications that link customers directly to the company’s back-end systems, giving Danone the ability to reach and react to billions of customers worldwide  — in real-time. As Danone expands their use of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, the company plans to combine data from their own applications with external resources such as Facebook and/or Twitter in order to analyze them all in the SAP HANA database, looking for insights and actionable data that Danone can use to quickly explore potential new markets and opportunities. 

We recommend the SAP HANA Cloud Platform to any medium-t0-large organization that needs to handle large data sets or user bases within their cloud environment.

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