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About Salesfusion

Salesfusion is a marketing automation firm founded by Chad Ruff in 2006. Ruff envisioned innovative solution-based software that would transform SaaS applications and the marketing industry. By focusing on the professional marketer, Salesfusion’s flagship products automate key lead generation processes. Salesfusion enables advanced functionality that allows enterprise level results regardless of the size of a company’s resources.

Salesfusion’s marketing automation software automates key B2B marketing functions, such as integrated email campaigns, lead scoring, website visitor tracking, web analytics, lead capture through forms, landing pages, and surveys. Salesfusion designed its marketing automation software to unite disconnected point solutions, and to help companies gain a larger market share in their industry. Pre-built integration removes the need for middleware, which boosts efficiency while ensuring security. Multi-channel campaigns allow B2B organizations to effectively target leads at any point during the sales cycle. Salesfusion also offers event management, social marketing, CRM connections, and more.

Over 400 brands such as Sears, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and IBM have used Salesfusion to drive new leads and boost their bottom line. When LexJet integrated Salesfusion into existing marketing and sales efforts, it was able to identify 750 key accounts. By segmenting valuable clients, LexJet strengthened the performance of its sales team and focused on near-term, high-value prospects, resulting in record growth and company performance.

(Last updated on 05/05/2016)

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