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About Sales Engine International

Based in Olney, Maryland, Sales Engine International (SEI) helps clients discover, cultivate, and engage their prospects through strategic marketing. Sales Engine International is focused on B2B integrated marketing and has additional offices in both New York and St. Louis. The Sales Engine platform has received numerous international awards for its creative services.

Sales Engine’s marketing automation software focuses on generating and engaging leads. By focusing on the creation of meaningful relationships with future clients, it allows brands to generate more leads, effectively communicate with prospects, create long-term professional relationships, and engage leads throughout the buying process. Sales Engine’s  software gives sales representatives the opportunity to interact with the most valuable leads and opportunities. By engaging qualified leads, brands can better organize their priorities and stay relevant in the minds of prospects. Businesses that have implemented their marketing automation software have experienced up to 50 percent more leads per rep, reached the ROI break-even point in two months or less, and increased the number of closed deals by 400 percent.

For over 117 years, Solarus has provided communication services to the greater Wisconsin market. Providing television, internet, mobile, and business solutions, Solarus offers a multitude of quality services at affordable prices. As sales for this mid-sized telecommunications firm stagnated, however, it needed a new strategy to drive continued growth. As part of their new business strategy, they chose Sales Engine to help boost their marketing profile. Thanks to Sales Engine’s marketing automation software, Solarus was able to compete in two separate markets, and discover new growth avenues.

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