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About Roadnet Transportation Suite

The integrated applications that make up Roadnet Transportation Suite help companies overcome the everyday logistical and financial challenges that they face. Its imperative that distributors have Fleet Management Software they can rely on. This transportation management software allows users to plan and detour routes, collect real-time data, and analyze that data to improve future tactics.

Several companies have successfully implemented the Roadnet Transportation Suite. Take Peapod, for example. This web-based business delivers groceries to more than 280,000 customers in the Midwest and along the East Coast. Although they initially created their own fleet management software, their business grew to the point that their program could no longer handle their demands. They turned to Roadnet because of the company’s reputation in this area, seeking a single database that would give them the visibility that their program lacked. The solution was a customized suite included routing and proof of delivery for each location; together, these simple yet efficient applications have allowed the team at Peapod to keep their planning staff small despite their growing business.

This is just one example of Roadnet’s commitment to making its clients’ lives easier; in fact, this has been the company’s mission for more than 30 years. Their products pursue initiatives that could improve just about any business: cost savings, employee productivity, resource efficiency and workplace safety.

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