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About Relenta

Founded in 2005 as a method to consolidate fragmented e-mail correspondences, Relenta offers businesses a solution for simplifying communications and improving collaboration across the organization.

In an effort to optimize user experience and decrease the time it takes to navigate through its interface, Relenta’s software suite features different applications in a non-linear or relational fashion, which means your shared group e-mail, calendar, contact management tool, e-mail marketing, CRM, and file sharing modules are all one click away from each other. Relenta also includes a shared e-mail functionality so everyone in the business has access to important work e-mails with one click. In terms of customer relation management, Relenta’s platform creates a timeline for each of your contacts that displays sent and received emails, past e-mail marketing campaigns, pending and completed tasks, relevant files or notes, and sales history. For sales Relenta supplies businesses with a segmented sales funnel which can be customized to fit the requirements of each individual organization. Additional sales pipeline functionality includes the ability to customize the probability of closing each account currently in the sales funnel as well as modifying the expected closing date.

FarBelowMarket is an investment real estate company that helps customers buy discounted properties and fix them up to sell or lease. FarBelowMarket tried other CRM software but was disappointed with the results. After leaving their old CRM software, FarBelowMarket implemented Relenta and realized significant growth in their customer accounts as well as increased productivity due to this software’s user-friendly interface.

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