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About Raintree Systems

Raintree Systems is a company that provides electronic health record (EHR) and electronic medical record (EMR) solutions to private practices, clinics, hospitals, and health systems. The company’s EMR is an ideal replacement for paper-based charting systems whereas the EHR is designed to exchange patient records with other health systems. Raintree Systems’ solutions support multiple specialties.

Raintree Systems’ EMR and EHR solutions enable healthcare providers to streamline workflows, ensure documentation accuracy, and encourage communication across the continuum of care. Unlike other solutions, these programs include user-friendly dashboards that are flexible and customizable. Raintree Systems’ EMR and EHR include encrypted security controls, auditing, and robust reporting capabilities. The EMR’s charting tools, clinical templates, and task management functions allow physicians, nurses, and medical support staff to efficiently document patient encounters and manage deadlines. With Raintree Systems’ EMR, physicians can complete laboratory test reviews, e-Prescribe, and complete signatures. Raintree Systems’ EHR enables healthcare providers to share patient-related information using standard HL7, CCR, CCD, XML, and SOAP communication protocols. These programs feature various reporting options that enable facilities to complete Meaningful Use qualifications.

Raintree Systems’ EMR and EHR programs have been implemented in numerous medical practices and hospitals. Healthcare practices that have implemented Raintree Systems’ solutions noticed improved efficiency, communication and record accuracy. The company’s EMR reduces supply and staffing costs while also decreasing dependency on paper-based communication. Both solutions help healthcare practices stay in compliance with governmental regulations, maintain high quality standards, and accurately capture revenue opportunities.

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