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About ProProfs

ProProfs’ Knowledge Base software is a tool that allows businesses to create an online FAQ and instantly share knowledge with employees and customers.

The online FAQ can be used by businesses to create a repository of help articles, explainer videos, PowerPoint tutorials, and other files that help customers quickly find the answers to their questions, reducing inbound support tickets. Similarly, companies can create a private online knowledgebase to share and maximize employee knowledge. The private knowledgebase can be embedded on a company’s website and be used to share information like company policies, HR procedures, and best practices for employees and other stakeholders.

The main benefits of using a knowledgebase like ProProfs’ include:

Reduced customer tickets

By creating an online FAQ, you help customers to easily find answers to their questions. This reduces customer support tickets and save time and effort, lost on addressing to the same problems again and again.

Share & retain employee knowledge 

Companies with a high-churn environment can prevent loss of knowledge when certain employees leave the company by retaining key process-related information in a centralized online knowledgebase. Allowing employees to share information via an online knowledgebase also facilitates to rope in new hires.

Increase customer delight

By helping customers quickly find what they are looking for, you heighten their delight with your product or service. You not only offer a smooth on-boarding experience to new customers but also make existing customers happy.

Centralize company documents

An online knowledgebase serves as a centralized and well-categorized repository containing videos, articles, files, documents and PPTs regarding  a company’s policies and procedures. All employees can access the knowledgebase, at anytime to find updated information about the company.

Improve training

Create a knowledgebase to quickly bring new employees up-to speed on company policies and protocols. New hires can easily find the information they need in a central location, while seniors can share their product or service knowledge via the online knowledgebase.   

Post training support

The online knowledgebase can be used to upload product manuals, service guide, reference material and other important company documents, which can be accessed at anytime by trainees to refer and find answers to their concerns and issues.


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