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About ProMLM

Pro MLM is a comprehensive suite of tools to help users create and run a successful online MLM business. Its features assist in getting an MLM business online, provide promotion tools, set up compensation plans and more. 

Available website features of Pro MLM include a mobile ready HTML 5 business website with responsive design. Being based on WordPress CMS also means developing a professional looking website easily and includes SEO friendly features. The WooCommerce WordPress plugin enables online shopping on MLM websites. Over 50 online payment gateways allow for online acceptance of credit cards, wire transfers, and other payment methods. 

Recruiting new members is accomplished via directing targeted prospects to the site and a self-registration page. ProMLM Software is referral program ready, so users are able to promote referral links and build their downline. Each registered user will get their own replicated website, which can be used to recruit their downlines. Contacts can be invited via email blast to grow the network. Administrators can set up a recurring subscription fee or a one-time registration fee. The registration can also be based on a package purchase. A free entry allows users to familiarize themselves with the matrix business system. Membership upgrades with additional fee requirements can be setup also.

ProMLM supports multiple network models, so compensation plans can be set up based on a given market’s demands. ProMLM is a completely Automated Web-Based Solution for MLM Business and will help users to start and grow businesses. Administrators have the capability to create matrix setups by supplying default sponsor, entry criteria (fee or free), direct commission, level commission, indirect commission, and product purchase-level commission. There are 8 matrix types available: binary, M x N- forced matrix, uni-level matrix, linear matrix, cyclic matrix, Australian X-Up matrix, party plan, or staircase breakaway. Multiple network setup for the same domain and user base allows administrators to create and run one or more matrixes with different entry and exit criteria. 

ProMLM supports PV (Purchase Volume) and GPV ( Group Purchase Volume) to provide a baseline for reward systems. ProMLM supports the industry standard wallet system.  Cash Wallet and E-Wallet helps users to plan rewards. Administrators can set up any type of bonus from a simple cash bonus to a complex car bonus from the admin back office. Additionally, admin can setup dynamic rank based on the business need.

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