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ProductPlan product overview

ProductPlan is a cloud-based roadmap platform designed to help teams plan, visualize, and share product strategy. It helps teams of all sizes create roadmaps and customize them with legends, timeframes, milestones, tags, and filters. ProductPlan provides teams with a solution for planning, visualizing, and communicating product and service strategies through roadmaps. The application has a drag-and-drop feature that makes it simple for users to build plans and seamlessly revise and arrange them.

The visual interface lets users drag and drop progress bars, milestones, containers, and lanes to update plans. Users can share roadmaps with viewers, and potential opportunities can be captured and scored. ProductPlan roadmaps can be merged together into a high-level project overview, and changes are tracked whenever roadmaps are updated so users can review progress and previous versions. ProductPlan roadmaps are interactive, visual, and collaborative. It can be shared with the rest of the team to inform of the processes that must be adhered to and give a chance to offer suggestions. Team members can contribute their ideas or improvements in the roadmaps, allowing to make the vision broader.

Multiple plans in ProductPlan can be viewed individually to allow users to gain a quick overview of product portfolios and product relationships, offering a way for teams and companies to see the whole picture. The platform aligns teams behind the product strategy, empowering them to make the right strategic decisions. Product teams can prioritize initiatives that support the company’s objectives. ProductPlan supports bank level encryption and storage, ensuring all roadmap data is stored safely and securely.

Pros of ProductPlan

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  • Ease of use
    ProductPlan has intuitive functions that allow roadmaps to be organized with simple actions. The platform brings an active and innovative interface, full of colors and easy-to-move columns. ProductPlan’s Gantt chart and milestone tracking make it possible to make constant and active progress on all work. Work and tasks can be managed with just a few clicks, and it has drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Visualization
    ProductPlan lets users monitor the entire roadmap using visualizations such as milestones, filters, and labels that allow segmentation, configuration, and customization depending on different work needs. The entire system is displayed in an interactive way, giving a detailed picture of each of the activities to be performed. ProductPlan allows for the planning, organizing, visualization, and communication of product strategies through personalized route maps with legends and time frames.
  • Collaboration
    The software allows collaborative and coordinated work. ProductPlan is communication-focused with visuals that help teams properly view their project timeline and know each member’s status in the project process. Roadmaps can be shared with colleagues enabling product teams to take business projects together and work in parallel.

Cons of ProductPlan

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  • Limited tutorials
    While ProductPlan is generally user-friendly, it can be hard to learn something without the help of support whenever new users come across features that are difficult to understand as the system’s videos and tutorials are lacking.
  • Lack of rollback feature
    The software doesn’t have any rollback feature that will allow users to undo actions in case of errors.

Breakdown of core features

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ProductPlan has features for planning, visualizing, and sharing product information.


ProductPlan allows team leaders and managers to create roadmaps and share them with their teams. Product roadmaps convey the strategic direction for the product and tie back to the strategy for the company.

Teams can build consensus and drive alignment with ProductPlan roadmaps. Roadmap updates can be pushed to Slack or exported to a PDF, image, or spreadsheet. Users can pivot between timeline, list, and table layouts with a single click. Product teams can filter and share custom views of their roadmap with different audiences.


ProductPlan lets teams prioritize their initiatives using the Prioritization Board. The system provides multitudes of methods for prioritizing potential roadmap items and numerous frameworks to choose from, including OKRs, MoSCow, and the RICE Scoring Model. Users can assess each item under consideration for value, level of effort, and opportunity costs.

The Prioritization Board simplifies the process of deciding which initiatives to include in future product releases. It helps users and teams objectively score opportunities to decide what to include on the roadmap. Most importantly, the Prioritization Board can help guide product strategy discussions and help get buy-in from key stakeholders.

Each roadmap has a unique Prioritization Board. Users prioritize opportunities based on a customized set of Benefit and Cost categories. ProductPlan then scores and ranks each opportunity based on the relative weighting of each category. The Prioritization Board uses a scale of 1-5 to rank each opportunity in a category.


ProductPlan lets the entire team get aligned on the product strategy. The system’s flexible permission options allow users to share the right roadmaps with the right audience. ProductPlan also has commenting and @mentions features to ensure engagement. When users mention someone in ProductPlan, an email notification will be sent that links directly to the comment.

Product teams can share their web-based roadmap to easily communicate with their team. Users can share roadmaps to collaborate with editors or grant access to unlimited viewers. Teams can create Custom Views when sharing with different audiences, giving stakeholders an easy way to view and provide feedback on the roadmap.

Users can create secure private links for different Views, or to the whole roadmap to coordinate with external stakeholders. Private links provide view-only access to the Custom Views or to roadmaps. ProductPlan has a SOC 2 certification and advanced security features to ensure that data is safe.

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Quick Facts

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  • Importing and exporting data
  • Milestones
  • Planning board
  • Percent-complete tracking
  • Score initiatives
  • Automatic notifications
  • Collaboration tools
  • Communication management
  • Content filtering
  • Progress tracking
  • Security and encryption
  • Strategic planning
  • Task planning
  • Timeframes
  • Prioritizing
  • PDF conversion
  • Custom legends and tags
  • Goal setting and tracking
  • Data storage management


  • Atlassian Jira
  • Pivotal Tracker
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services
  • Trello
  • GitHub
  • Slack

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  • Enterprise
  • Enterprise Plus


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