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Advertising / Media / Publishing, Architecture / Engineering / Construction, Computer and Technology, Hospitality / Entertainment / Travel, Government / Public Administration, Marketing / Public Relations, Non-Profit / Public Sector
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Any Sized Businesses

About Price&Cost

Price&Cost is a project estimation and budget-tracking tool to help companies deliver projects on budget and stay profitable. Price&Cost offers powerful features to support the process from the initial estimation all the way through to successful delivery: Estimates are created quickly by choosing the resource for the project, entering how much time will be spent per week. The software then shows how much cost for the client, internal costs, and gross margin. Estimates can be experimented with in order to see project financials for any scenario. Then a comparison can be made to enable the best choice for cost-effectiveness.

Price&Cost allows companies to monitor the active project. Once a project starts, the software will send reminders to users to check in periodically and log the time the team has spent and allow users to make adjustments to the forecast for the remainder of the project. Price&Cost will display the forecasted Price, Cost, and Margin at completion as well as values to-date. This allows users to know where the project stands at any given point against the agreed baseline and can course-correct if needed. Users are also enabled to test “what-if” scenarios for live projects so that they can discover more profitable ways to deliver projects by simulating different resourcing scenarios. With Price&Cost a change request can be created in a timely fashion to allow teams to work on the changes in parallel to updating the actuals. Users can define rates and costs and then add the resource to any project by name or role. Different client-specific rates can be defined also which means when a client is selected for a project, the correct rate card will load for all resources.  Multiple resource types may also be defined with full flexibility over overtime calculation.

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