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About Platfora

Platfora focuses on transforming speculative businesses into accurate and successful companies. They do this through analytical software and data development. Platfora’s mission is to “empower customers to transform their business into Fact-Based Enterprises,” and they accomplish this by providing cutting-edge solutions for big data analytics.

Platfora believes data can only be useful if you can truly understand it. To that end, they use Hadoop to process raw data and provide companies with clear, concise analytics in a timely fashion. Platfora organizes separate data streams into a single resource that can then be used to develop clear ideas and takeaways. Companies using Platfora are able to manage datasets, access fast analysis, build interest-driven pipelines, utilize customizable dashboards, segment complex datasets, and more. Platfora serves businesses by helping identify hidden data trends and then consulting on how to best utilize these insights to improve operations. A number of different global brands have chosen Platfora for their big data solutions when searching for new and innovative strategies.

Among the companies who have used Platfora in the past are Netflix, Disney, Comcast, The Washington Post, Unisys, Citi Group, and American Express. Disney in particular found Platfora’s big data analytics software useful – they were able to improve internal efficiency and create better products for their viewers. They specifically found Platfora’s platform helpful in making fact-based decisions and increasing business effectiveness.

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