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Industry Specialties
Hospitality / Entertainment / Travel, Food and Beverage, Government / Public Administration, Healthcare, Retail and Wholesale
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Any Sized Businesses

About Planday

Planday is a cloud-based HR software solution that specializes in streamlining staff management processes for businesses with hourly employees. Planday software can be used on desktop computers, and the app is compatible with iPhone, Android, and iPad devices. Mangers have administrative control and can check in with employees via SMS or messaging. Planday features include administrative tasks, such as staff management, scheduling, communication, time tracking, and reporting. 

Planday allows managers to build an employee schedule by taking into account staff vacation, availability, payroll costs, and more. Managers and employees offer and view availability and holiday requests to assist in creating schedules. Schedules can be saved as a template for continued use, and scheduling changes are updated in real time. 

Managers can easily see when employees clock in and out for a shift. Employees can clock-in for work via the app or a desktop computer. Managers can control where employees are allowed to clock-in from, such as a GPS radius or only under building WiFi. Planday reports offer managers and their accountants an overview of payroll costs, revenue compared to salary cost, and data on employee working habits. Mangers can view hours worked and payroll costs, and export that approved data payroll providers.

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