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Perkville provides businesses with an automated loyalty and rewards program that increases customer engagement, improves lead generation, and incentivizes social media interaction. They work primarily with small local businesses and enterprise-level businesses around the country such as Retro Fitness and YogaWorks.  Their solution fits any industry, but some of the industries they work in the most are fitness, retail, salons/spas, and other service-oriented brands. Customers are encouraged to engage with brands by earning loyalty points that lead to unique rewards.

Perkville’s platform appeals to brands seeking an automated, cost-effective method of increasing customer engagement. This service is user friendly from beginning to end, as the entire process is automated and can be implemented in less than a day. Perkville’s plans vary in complexity, creating affordable and scalable gamification solutions for brands. The company’s automated loyalty program is compatible with a variety of Point of Sale (PoS) and member management/scheduling systems, which allows customers to gain reward points both online and on-location. In addition to PoS integration, Perkville helps companies increase social media engagement on sites like Facebook and Twitter, efficiently enhancing brand awareness. Perkville’s platform is able to effectively gamify the customer referral process, increasing lead generation while still offering rewards to existing customers. With its automated process, Perkville’s platform assists brands with customer retention.

The loyalty and rewards platform from Perkville has helped many businesses gain a competitive edge in their industry through increasing lead generation, customer loyalty, and revenue. O2 Fitness, which operates 12 fitness centers in North Carolina, was able to increase its ROI (return on investment) by over 2000% with a rewards program by Perkville. The program, called O2 Rewards, has helped the chain increase referrals with a monthly referral increase of 17%. In addition, O2 Fitness has increased personal training sessions by 33%, and has decreased membership cancels at the fitness center by about 3.5%.  By utilizing Perkville’s flexible and simple platform, O2 Fitness has been able to realize new avenues for profit and growth.

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