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Particle IoTProduct Overview

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  2. Pros of Particle IoT
  3. Cons of Particle IoT
  4. Breakdown of core features

Particle IoT product overview

Particle is an enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) platform that provides features to power IoT products, from device to cloud. It equips developers with the tools to prototype IoT solutions quickly. It gives a reliable and secure platform for enterprises to scale their IoT solutions.

Particle offers a fully-integrated suite of hardware, software, and connectivity tools to help organizations prototype, scale, and manage Internet of Things products. It delivers secure capabilities to empower companies to get their product to market faster.

The platform enables enterprises to reprogram their machines and products by adding connectivity and intelligence. Particle’s customers include consumer hot tub manufacturer Jacuzzi, coffee-brewing pioneer Keurig, and stormwater management provider Opti.

Pros of Particle IoT

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  • Particle is an integrated IoT platform that offers complete hardware, software, and data stack with features available out of the box.
  • The platform decreases time to market with an edge-to-cloud platform that abstracts all the complexity of IoT.

Cons of Particle IoT

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  • According to users, Particle’s documentation is lacking and needs improvement.

Breakdown of core features

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Device management

The platform allows users to remotely monitor IoT devices with end-to-end visibility for complete oversight and command. Users can manage IoT devices from a single central interface. They can also register devices and organize them into product groups for better team management. Particle lets users develop products and send over-the-air software updates to add new features and fix bugs for field devices. Businesses can monitor device data through the system’s real-time event logs and manage billing with a user-friendly interface.

Edge-to-cloud IoT platform

Particle enables companies to build solutions with pre-integrated and pre-certified hardware. Users can get devices up and running in minutes with the platform’s open-source hardware development kits. Alternatively, they can use Particle’s field-ready, industrial-grade hardware modules for deployments of scale.

The system’s Device Cloud works with Particle Devices. These Particle Devices are pre-configured to communicate with Device Cloud. Particle facilitates seamless integration to help keep companies moving fast and focused on what matters. Moreover, it manages communication protocols, encryption, and negotiations.

Data pipeline

Organizations can gain unprecedented insights into their physical assets by extracting business-related data through Particle’s unique data management capabilities. Users can view a live stream of event data and see the name and timestamp associated with each event. Developers can debug code and narrow down and find issues quickly with the system’s filers and modifiers. In addition, teams can funnel device data from event streams straight to their central tools for analysis.

Tracking system

Particle streamlines the monitoring of the location and environment of business-critical assets. Companies can track critical-asset data, including real-time location, historical location, motion, temperature, and sound.

The software also allows organizations to reconfigure tracking devices without writing code. The Particle Tracking System comes pre-packaged with the features to monitor assets at scale, such as real-time geolocation mapping and historical location tracking.

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  • Edge-to-Cloud Stack
  • IoT Device Management
  • Data Pipeline
  • IoT Hardware


  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Maps
  • Azure IoT Hub
  • InfluxData
  • QuestDB

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