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About Nulogy PackManager

PackManager is a Contract Packaging Management System that does what WMS, ERP, and MES solutions cannot — give you accurate real-time data and actionable information to help you improve your business and operational performance. Designed specifically for contract packaging and manufacturing, the solution’s end-to-end modules capture the processes and information needed to optimize workflows, improve quality and drive growth. It will help you manage your entire contract packaging workflow, from quoting and planning to production all the way to reporting and invoicing.

Give your customers more confidence with real-time visibility and shop floor control, by leveraging the PackManager contract packaging software.

Customers are demanding more from their suppliers, and industry competition is getting fierce. Your contract packaging and manufacturing operation needs a solution that cuts costs, maximizes efficiency and gives your company an edge over other suppliers. PackManager is one of the most popular supply chain management systems in the industry. Several companies have benefited from it, including Metro Supply Chain Group. Cathie Wood of this company described the experience before and after the implementation of PackManager. “Before PackManager it was impossible to track what we have quoted versus what we had actually spent on a shift-by-shift basis. PackManager tells me where we’re making money, and where we have quoting or production issues that need to be addressed. The real-time nature of the application means we get this information when it happens[,] allowing us to identify and resolve issues as quickly as possible.”

Nulogy sells contract packaging solutions to clients all over the world. They have produced over three million units, and more than 2,398 events are transmitted every second. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.

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