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About OpenEMR

OpenEMR is an enterprise-level software package that can handle the most demanding workflows for any private practice. It can accommodate 42 different languages and has been the preferred EMR of the Peace Corp for over last five years. OpenEMR includes just about every major features a practice would need (scheduling, patient intake, patient lab requisition, bidirectional order integration) right out of the box. The system has a very comprehensive patient dashboard that will allow a physician to see all pertinent patient data at a glance — from the vitals checked during triage to the review of system performed by the nurse.

A full billing and accounting package is also included in the software, so no data has to be sent to a third party software system and then imported back. The system can generate an x12 file that can be sent to clearinghouses or directly to a payer. Import ERAs and distribute them to patients accounts. The system tracks A&R as well.

OpenEMR is customizable to your office needs on the fly, and OpenEMR is open to user requests for new form or a process features. 

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