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NapoleonCatProduct Overview

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NapoleonCat product overview

NapoleonCat is a cloud-based social media engagement and content publishing platform for businesses and marketing agencies of all sizes. Its single interface allows users to manage social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Reviews.

Marketers and customer service teams can handle all social media conversations from one place and use automation to filter out typical questions and comments. Moreover, NapoleonCat lets users publish pre-designed responses to regular customer queries on brands’ social media pages using personalized automated moderation rules.

NapoleonCat is suitable for e-commerce companies, marketing agencies, and brand promoters looking for a cloud solution to publish, engage, optimize, and analyze their social media marketing efforts across platforms.

Pros of NapoleonCat

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  • It saves time and manual work finding, reading, and responding to comments, reviews, and complaints on different platforms.
  • The Social Inbox helps users handle stressful situations at scale while freeing resources to come up with workable solutions. Users can detect sensitive content, set up automated replies, and get notified immediately.

Cons of NapoleonCat

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  • NapoleonCat offers a wide array of features, overwhelming some users.

Breakdown of core features

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Social Inbox

The Social Inbox allows social media managers to track and respond to messages, reviews, and comments in one dashboard. Users can save time going back and forth between customer service and marketing. Furthermore, managers can tag messages to filter complaints, praise, and spam and assign them to different team members.


NapoleonCat’s automation features perform repetitive tasks for users – at scale. The software automatically answers recurring questions and manages ad comments. It automatically replies to comments concerning sensitive information in private messages and redirects issues to designated consultants. Users can set up automatic replies to simple questions about sizing, delivery times, hours of operation, or ways of reaching the customer service team.


With analytics, users can monitor their content’s performance and analyze their competitors’ channels. Teams can use insights to align their strategy with their goals, whether they’re engaging more people, improving response rates, or selling more products. NapoleonCat monitors performance across channels for multiple profiles and pages over a custom period. Marketing teams can know what works and what doesn’t – and tweak their strategy as they go. Analytics provides advanced, reliable stats on social media performance and helps users understand what they mean for the brand and business – at a glance.


NapoleonCat lets users schedule regular automated reports and email them straight to their superiors, clients, and whoever else needs them. Users can create professionally designed, in-depth social media reports that improve performance. They can track key metrics over time in one place to get the bigger picture, better understand the target audience, spot growth patterns, and make better budgeting decisions.

The solution enables team members to report on various social media metrics, including engagement, reach, follower growth, and top content. Users can also break these reports down into simple data snapshots and turn them into recommendations that’ll consistently grow the social media presence – and the business.

(Last updated on 06/02/2022 by Liz Laurente-Ticong)

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  • Publishing
  • Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Instagram Scheduler
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