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About MPulse

MPulse, founded in 1995, started as a division of SpecTech.  Now, the company produces maintenance management software for businesses of all sizes.  The company designs software around specific customer needs and, for the past 16 years, has built a reputation for excellence in maintenance tracking software. Their customer track record speaks for itself. More than 90 percent of their clients renew service every year.

MPulse produces several levels of preventive maintenance software, from simple work-order management solutions to full-scale multi-asset enterprises. You can file and track work orders from any version of the software. You can even schedule events that help prolong equipment life. When you need work order management software, it helps there too. Track progress and receive notifications from the dashboard. The key to success in any of MPulse’s maintenance management software is understanding and using the dashboard. From there, you can pull graphical reports and set role-based access for employees. After setup, the system helps automate the most important parts of the business. Schedule recurring maintenance appointments and perform inventory control operations with ease. This preventive maintenance software is a strong addition to any business with a maintenance team.

Small businesses and schools use the preventive maintenance software to prolong equipment life, and global enterprises like IKEA use MPulse technology for large-scale facility management

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