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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About Mint

Mint is an independent website which specializes in compiling and analyzing real-time analytics for your business. Mint organizes a dashboard for you and your team. It shows page views, references and searches in an easy to digest setting that helps uncover your most popular pages and products. For a low license fee you can learn all about your company’s site stats. Mint allows you to read feeds on your site with their unique Bird Feeder application. This tool lets you see patterns that have developed over weeks, months and years. With Mint, you can remain organized by flagging certain data for a later review.

Mint’s web analytics platform comes pre-loaded with tons of special apps and tools that can help you stay two steps ahead of the competition. With the Real Estate tool under the analytics platform, you can find out how your audience typically interacts with your site. This information will allow you to adjust the width and height of your presentations in order to make the material the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Mint’s interface automatically adapts to your interface so that you will always be viewing Mint at its optimal settings. The company knows that designing your own website is hard enough, and that maintaining its progress can sometimes be even more work. That is why Mint is incredibly easy to install. Their expert customer service team is also there for you to make sure that you are maximizing your Mint experience and are getting the most information about every website page-view.

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