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About Mindspace

Mindspace is a boutique creative agency specializing entirely in advanced gamification strategies. With clients like Google, Starbucks, Expedia, & Time Warner, Mindspace helps organizations engage chronically distracted audiences through interactive, digital channels. Custom solutions range everywhere from employee training and onboarding systems to marketing campaigns, customer service platforms, sales enablement tools, student-learner applications, and loyalty programs.

Through custom strategies, applied game mechanics, curated content, learning theory, intuitive UI/UX, and agile development, Mindspace creates engaging experiences for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. And unlike traditional plug-and-play approaches to gamification, each custom solution is designed for clients with lasting utility in mind.

Some results of recent client projects include: 60 percent open rates and 40 percent click-through rates at a 20:1 ROI on incremental sales; 97 percent favorability rating while reducing completion times from 25 to 15 hours; and a reduction in expected customer attrition from 15 percent to 2 percent —  while adding a 15 percent increase in product upsells.

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