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About Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft has been a staple of business software for decades. Microsoft Office, which has recently converted to the cloud-based Office 365 for businesses, provides tools for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, online conferencing, file sharing, note taking, databases, email, and more.

SharePoint by Microsoft is a way to collaborate with employees via an internal website that can be accessed from any computer or mobile phone. SharePoint can store, manage, and distribute files to users with different access levels and permissions. SharePoint is highly customizable. It comes with apps for quickly adding capabilities, an app store with tools for integration outside of Microsoft, web design tools to create websites, and the ability to adapt each site to specific users. You can manage tasks, discuss with experts, view shared data visualization reports, and manage the security risk of proprietary information sharing.

SharePoint is also a sufficient tool for building and updating a company’s public website. Features like document storage allow SharePoint to function as a content management system (CMS) for medium sized websites. Apps available for easy integration allow you to expand your websites capabilities. A built in user-based system allows you to customize web portals for internal company employees and for external visitors according to their respective needs.

WIND Canada, a mobile telecom provider, wanted to gain market share and improve their customer service and retention. Using SharePoint, WIND Mobile was able to build a unified portal that supported a multitude of functions to increase their market share, including sales and customer service web portals, a hosted knowledge base for technical support, real-time analytics and reports, and much more. As a result of their SharePoint implementation, WIND Mobile saw a marked increase in sales and customer satisfaction.

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