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About Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution. Microsoft Dynamics products are designed to allow clients to begin using them quickly and easily following installation, as their appearance and functionality is reminiscent of Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP is no exception. This intuitive interface eliminates much of the standard business downtime and inefficiency typically unavoidable when employees and managers are learning a new software system. Since Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP is usable so quickly off-the-shelf, employees and managers can spend more time developing new business relationships and meeting the needs of existing clients.

Microsoft Dynamics GP’s ERP product boasts robust capabilities for managing business finances and resources. It helps companies to identify and react quickly to the important information that is critical to any business decision-making process. This includes a predictive analytics capability built into the software which makes recommendations for future decisions, based on applicable past data. More generally, Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP unifies different functions such as payroll management, supply chain management, project management, and more into a single application. Additionally, the ERP is designed for maximum accessibility, with available implementations both on-site and in the cloud. Microsoft can customize nearly any aspect of its Dynamics GP ERP, so any functionality not included off-the-shelf can likely be provided, for a fee. Microsoft’s ERP system helps businesses increase productivity and profitability through streamlining their processes. As a testament to the effectiveness of the Microsoft Dynamics GP platform, many other ERP systems use it as a framework for developing industry-specific ERP solutions.

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