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About Microsoft Dynamics AX

Founded in 1975 in New Mexico, Microsoft is a leader in computer software and hardware, offering a wide range of Windows PC and Office services to firms and individual consumers worldwide. Microsoft Dynamics is part of the Microsoft Business Division. It develops CRM as well as other software solutions for sales and marketing for business functions such as ERP, supply chain management, accounting and more. Industry-specific versions are available for manufacturing, retail, professional services and health care. Microsoft Dynamics AX supports operational and administrative functions of your business, offering management solutions for a variety of divisions.

With this business intelligence software, you will be able to identify patterns, predict trends and see the workflow as it is happening in real time. Manage sales and inventory, add products and services as needed and project profits. With the personalized dashboards, employees will have only the information relevant to their job to help them complete tasks. They have data right at their fingertips on the devices they use to help them make smarter, quicker decisions. Microsoft Dynamics AX also allows you to keep track of the shifting market while maintaining compliance. Manage your growing business as you expand and diversify and add employees, customers and vendors. Get help with cash flow analysis, year-end reporting, balance sheets and more to maintain your company’s financial health.

The retail accounting software provides a single run-time engine that gives you full visibility across all channels, integration with online stores and consistent ERP models for accurate data. It also gives you the tools to help create a great customer experience with personalized services, history of the entire customer cycle and customer demographics, and discounts and coupons as well as redemption via social sites.

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