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Product Quick Facts

Industry Specialties
Banking / Accounting / Financial, Government / Public Administration, Telecommunications
Works Best For
Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About MemSQL

MemSQL provides database solutions utilizing a unified platform that reduces complex infrastructure and empowers business leaders to be responsive and make decisions based on real-time data. Founded by two former Facebook development and engineering specialists, MemSQL’s stated mission is to provide a simple, fast, and scalable database solution capable of handling today’s Big Data problems.

MemSQL’s data warehousing solution relies on in-memory processing to enable real-time processing of transactional data. While the system can certainly store data, it is more of a data federation platform than a true data warehouse solution. Thanks to the tiered architecture, MemSQL is capable of processing in-memory data alongside a more traditonal columnar database. This capability allows analysts to analyse real-time and historical data together and combine disparate sources like relational and JSON data. MemSQL can also be used to process the exponentially increasing amounts of machine-generated data, and even to make or automate decisions based on this data as it is captured. Additionally, MemSQL includes ANSI SQL support and is ACID-compliant. 

MemSQL is being used by companies like Comcast, Zynga, Shutterstock, Verisign, and many others to make data-driven decisions and better engage their customers. 

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