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MEDITECH provides electronic health record (EHR) software solutions for use in large healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and large multi-specialty practices. It also includes dynamic tools for use in various care settings such as ambulatory clinics, home-based healthcare, and inpatient facilities. MEDITECH’s EHR helps organizations achieve Meaningful Use Stage 1 and 2.

MEDITECH’s EHR is unique in that it was designed for use in almost any healthcare setting. This cloud-based application enhances coordination of care between providers while ensuring HIPAA compliance and reducing clinical chart errors. The program’s user-friendly interface provides physicians with real-time patient information like vital signs, medications, lab results, and patient treatment records. Secure access to MEDITECH’s EHR is enhanced with patient-, provider-, and location-based user restrictions. This platform also creates real-time patient summaries, providing physicians access to health status snapshots, while MEDITECH’s EHR interface allows providers to organize and graph meaningful clinical data, enabling the creation of visual health histories and trends. Because MEDITECH’s EHR is designed to increase coordination of care across multiple settings, it is ideal for hospital systems, specialty care networks, and regional medical groups.

MEDITECH’s EHR program has been implemented in multiple hospitals, medical systems, and rehabilitation centers. One of MEDITECH’s EHR customers, Magnolia Regional Health Center in Mississippi, needed to implement an EHR that enabled the organization to reach Meaningful Use Stage 2 while earning a 100% center-wide adoption rate. After launching MEDITECH’s EHR and engaging clinicians in the adoption process, Magnolia Regional Health Center was able to mobilize patient care with iPads, reduce errors by using CPOE, and meet their Meaningful Use Stage 2 goals.

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