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About MarketMuse

Founded in 2013, MarketMuse is a cloud-based tool for content marketing that uses artificial intelligence to identify key content gaps across your site so that you can improve your content quality, drive better leads, and generate more traffic. 

Built in response to Google’s 2013 deployment of the Hummingbird machine learning algorithm that evaluates content by analyzing the meaning between related terms, MarketMuse helps optimize your content for search without using outdated tactics like keyword stuffing. Using a machine learning algorithm of their own, MarketMuse can help identify terms related to your targeted keywords and help you begin to rank for those as well. Beginning with a simple crawl of your site, MarketMuse captures a snapshot of your content, and then allows you to run unlimited topical expansions. Input your targeted keyword and MarketMuse will find related Web content to build a conceptual model of the most important topics, measuring the degree of relevance of each to your chosen keyword. Then, MarketMuse reviews the mentions of each topic in your content, highlighting gaps where you’re missing mentions across your site, and assigning a “Content Score” to each relevant page. By creating new content to capture traffic for these keywords and related topics, or by inserting these topics into existing relevant pages, you can increase your Content Score and improve the relevance of your entire domain, which in turn improves your rankings for your targeted keywords. MarketMuse can be used for blog content or, for ecommerce sites, product descriptions. 

We recommend MarketMuse to any company seeking to use the power of content marketing, but especially to those companies that may not have dedicated, experienced content marketers on staff. Not sure if MarketMuse is the right content marketing analytics solution for your organization? Call, click, or email to speak with an unbiased Technology Advisor today for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation on your unique requirements. 

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