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About Mambo.IO

Mambo.IO is a leading option for an on-premise, open-source gamification platform. With gamified solutions for customer loyalty, employee engagement, and training / elearning, Mambo.IO allows both  custom and off-the-shelf development for your gamification efforts. 

Customer Loyalty: When it comes to purchasing goods or using products, customers have a wide variety of choices, which is why more than 50 percent of customers will not hesitate to buy or use a competitors product after doing business with you. Gamification and the Mambo.IO Platform will help you drive long-term customer loyalty and user engagement with your products and services. Whether you’re looking to increase sales, improve user engagement or create unique marketing experiences, Mambo.IO can help.

Employee Productivity: Only 30 percent of employees are engaged, this leaves 70 percent who do not care for their colleagues, your customers or business. Use the Mambo.IO platform to increase the knowledge, satisfaction and performance of employees. With gamification you can drive the adoption of all your enterprise applications and improve the overall health of your business.

eLearning and Training: A majority of employees consider learning and training an additional burden on top of their existing work load. Use gamification to maximise the enjoyment and engagement of your audience by capturing the learners interests and inspiring them to continue learning. The Mambo.IO Platform can stimulate attendance, contributions and increase focus on meaningful activities.


The platform’s main value propositions are its flexibility and extensibility; the open-source model makes the platform available to everyone and it can be easily customized and extended to work in almost any software environment. While it is one of the few on-premise gamification platforms available, Mambo.IO also offers a hosted solution for companies who don’t want to manage infrastructure or don’t have specific data handling requirements. The platform can define, track, and reward any behavior, and includes powerful analytics tools to help you design effective and engaging rewards, levels, missions, or points assigned to any number of custom metrics. It also includes leaderboards to boost competition and allow your users to benchmark their results against their peers’. It incorporates recognizable engagement strategies like coupons, activity feeds, and also offers several off-the-shelf widgets to help save time when designing your gamification strategy. Last but not least, Mambo.IO offers rich REST APIs, Java / PHP SDKs, and is built on the eminently scalable MongoDB database and Java engine. The platform can be deployed on both Windows and Linux environments. 


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