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About Looker

Looker is a web-based business intelligence (BI) solution for companies looking to extract value from their data. Looker’s solutions are scalable for companies both big and small; the platform is equipped for high throughput, real-time processing, and integration of disparate databases, with outputs that can be distributed throughout an organization in the most efficient means possible.

Unlike many business intelligence solutions, Looker doesn’t rely on static dashboards or reports; Looker’s output is constantly updated and distributed via the web interface, so users can access their relevant data anywhere, anytime. Users can collaborate across platforms, buildings, and across continents all within one cloud interface. The most powerful feature is Looker’s ability to provide a starting point; users can drill into the data and ask questions that allow them to dig even further, analyze deeper, and discover connections and investigate discrepancies that might have otherwise been missed. The intuitive nature of the Looker process makes the spread of a curiosity-driven culture efficient and effective; connecting a company’s data analytics team with users in all levels and departments. With the new, powerful LookML language, data analysts can create mini-applications which add power and efficiency to any process within an organization; it simplifies development of robust models and enhances SQL capabilities without wasting time or resources coding queries on an ad-hoc basis. Outputs can be integrated into proprietary software or multiple common programs, including Google Docs, Excel, and others.

HotelTonight, a mobile hotel booking firm, had difficulty managing their data with the inflexibility of their previous system. Since HotelTonight operates on a last-minute booking niche, this meant they had to adapt queries and reports for an incredible amount of data in real time completely manually. In addition to being exhausting, it was also cost-prohibitive. Thanks to Looker, HotelTonight has implemented an agile, simple business intelligence platform that can automatically transform customer and market data into actionable insights. Supply chain and product analytics combine to improve demand forecasting and price prediction, increasing satisfaction of both the hotel operators and hotel guests that use HotelTonight’s more and more popular service.

(Last updated on 03/21/2016)

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