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Product Quick Facts

Industry Specialties
Banking / Accounting / Financial, Computer and Technology, Education and Training, Government / Public Administration, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Non-Profit / Public Sector, Retail and Wholesale, Transportation / Shipping
Works Best For
Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About LogicManager

LogicManager offers all-in-one ERM software that includes risk-based governance, risk and compliance capabilities. Enterprise risk management allows organizations to uncover risks, evaluate the most critical risks, and develop effective mitigation and monitoring activities. This solution bridges the gap between the front lines and senior management with ready-to-use content, standardized processes, and flexibility. Audit management is more efficient from scheduling to execution as the solution prioritizes business goals, operational objectives, and key processes.

LogicManager also provides vendor management, to manage critical vendors, track contract reviews, record due diligence, and prioritize top vendors through assessments and key risk indicators. A standardized process provides transparency into third party risk exposure and enterprise standards and goals. A compliance management module determines which standards and regulations are applicable, assesses compliance, and keeps users up-to-date with automated alerts and notifications. Overlapping requirements are easier to manage with the transparency offered. Organizations are enabled to document how compliance standards are being met, report on existing adherence levels, and close any gaps for full compliance assurance.

LogicManager’s governance software manages critical IT resources and assets while ensuring adherence to security compliance and standards.  Organizations are protected by identifying critical risks, adhering to compliance requirements, and objectively prioritizing which concerns require increased attention and allocation of resources. Business continuity maximizes up time and assists with disaster recovery planning. Business Impact Analysis (BIA) assessments provide assurance that critical business areas will not be disrupted in the event of a challenge or disaster. Financial reporting (SOX and MAR) tracks operational activities, financial attestations, and accountability to increase reporting efficiency and accuracy. Policy management allows organizations to maintain a portfolio of policies, procedures, and documents while tracking important information and reminders. Incident management reports resolve and track any number of incident types with configurable fields and workflows
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