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About Litmos

Litmos, from CallidusCloud, is a gamified learning management system (LMS) that is 100 percent web-based. 

Litmos can handle a variety of training situations including:

Employee Training: New hires and established employees alike can access the 100 percent web-based courses on any browser or mobile device. 

Compliance Training: Design courses that meet all regulations for compliance training and even automate scheduling of re-certification requirements.

Customer Training: the flexible system even allows you to create rich content for customer training, especially when a simple FAQ won’t work.

Channel Training: help your partners and contractors get certified to use, sell, or teach others, all in an easy-to-access, professional platform

Multi-Channel: Use one instance of Litmos to design courses for all of the above situations. 

Millions of users have taken a course with Litmos, and unlike legacy learning management systems, Litmos puts the user experience first. According to case studies and third-party reviews, employees and customers alike prefer the gamified learning environment provided by Litmos and comparable systems. It is fully customizable, and can even be white-labeled, allowing you to sell access to Litmos courses, if desired. With robust analytics, security, and an open API, Litmos can be integrated into your existing processes and systems with relative ease. 

Not sure if Litmos is the best solution for you? Call and speak with one of our Technology Advisors today to discuss this and other options for gamified learning. 

(Last updated on 03/21/2016)

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