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About LeonardoMD

LeonardoMD, developer of the Virtuoso EHR, makes practice management and electronic health records software to meet the needs of multiple medical specialties.

LeonardoMD is built with Microsoft technology; the software was designed in Visual Studio and customer data is secured and stored in a Microsoft SQL Server format. Since the program is built with such ubiquitous technology, integration with other Microsoft-based software is much easier than if using proprietary software. Also, since LeonardoMD’s software is delivered via the cloud, little to no new investment in hardware is required; almost any modern computer with an internet connection will serve as a LeonardoMD input method.

Scheduling with LeonardoMD is completely customizable, allowing custom schedule views and appointment setting for multiple providers, rooms, and locations. The scheduling software also manages inbound referrals, tracking the authorized time period and number of visits in addition to the referral source. Additionally, LeonardoMD enables automated appointment reminder calls; a simple pre-recorded message will help prevent missed appointments and save your front desk staff hours of time on the phone.

Charting with LeonardoMD’s Virtuoso EHR is easy; standard templates are available for almost any medical specialty, and the software adjusts and learns from your input over time to improve completion suggestion while taking notes. Robust electronic document management capabilities allows your office to go truly paperless; images or forms from other providers can be scanned into the LeonardoMD system so they may be stored and viewed completely within the EHR. Physician orders are automatically routed to the correct department or staff member, utilizing project management software-like task management capabilities to identify incomplete or overdue tasks and automatically place them in the appropriate work queue. e-Prescribing with full SureScripts integration is also available.

LeonardoMD’s practice management system includes both billing and clinical workflow management. The software automatically pulls information from the encounter note and patient chart to create an electronic superbill that allows staff to quickly select the appropriate reimbursement code, and create, scrub, and submit claims to insurers electronically within seconds. Self-pay, co-pay, and collections management functions are built-in, making LeonardoMD a truly end-to-end revenue cycle management solution.

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